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Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Lakeview Health Services is dedicated to helping those we serve identify and achieve personally meaningful life goals and to realize their full potential using person-centered, recovery-oriented and trauma-informed practices. We provide safe, affordable housing and support to persons with mental illness as well as health care coordination services to individuals with chronic mental and physical health challenges. We are committed to the highest level of fiscal responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization and services.


Our Vision:  

We seek to create an environment of learning and development that will lead to an engaged, motivated, and high performing team with devotion and commitment to client service. 

Our Values:
  • Service:   We strive to be a premier partner who serves our communities through evidence-based practices and innovative services.
  • Excellence:   We promote the highest level of competency and effectiveness in all that we do.
  • Dignity:   We treat everyone we serve and each other with courtesy, compassion, and respect. 
  • Integrity:   We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honest and ethical behavior.
  • Diversity:   We create an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued for their unique qualities and experiences a sense of belonging.
  • Learning:   We support programs, services and opportunities that promote personal development and lifelong learning.
  • Family:   We recognize the importance of family relations and commitments for those we serve as well as those we employ.