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Children and Youth Care Management

Lakeview Health Offers Children and Youth Services in Ontario County.

Care managers utilize strength-based and person centered practices to assist the youth in achieving his/her goals toward mental health symptom management and recovery. Care managers coordinate treatment planning which incorporates all current providers and linkages. Through assessment and planning, care managers work with the youth towards achieving their service plan goals. Through objectives, care managers may link to alternative community resources, help with crisis management, provide advocacy as needed, and otherwise help work toward recovery.

Lakeview Care Management provides two levels of care management in addition to short term Outreach Services:

Care Management

  • Intensive Care Management (ICM) is provided to children and youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED). The intention of ICM services is to provide children and youth with four contacts each month and 24 hour on call assistance to support their recovery process.
  • Supportive Care Management (SCM) is provided to children and youth with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED). The intention of SCM services is to provide children and youth with two contacts each month to support their recovery process.

Outreach Services

  • Children and Youth Outreach Services are provided to children and youth who are struggling with mental health symptoms and/or are in need of linkages to mental health and community resources. The intent of the Children and Youth Outreach Advocate is to provide a short term service to linkages, referrals, and assessment of further needs as well as a higher level of service. Click here for the   C/Y Short Term Outreach Referral   Form


Children & Youth Single Point Of Access (C&Y SPOA)

The C&Y SPOA is responsible for implementation and management of the Single Point of Entry/Accountability program for community-based children and youth services for Ontario County. 

Lakeview Health Services coordinates the SPOA committee whose role is to identify those children with the highest risk of placement in out-of-home settings and to develop appropriate strategies to manage those children in their home communities whenever possible.  Services include care management, intensive care management, Functional Family Therapy Program (FFT), Multisystemic Treatment Program (MST), Home and Community Based Services Waiver Program (HCBS), Community Residences (CR), Residential Treatment Facilities (RTF), and Finger Lakes Parent Network.   

Programs may be accessed by completing a SPOA referral form and supplying the required clinical documentation. Based on established eligibility criteria and identified need, the SPOA will make referrals to the most suitable programs. Referral forms may be completed by the individual’s clinician, who can expedite the process by including the necessary clinical documentation.  The C & Y Referral forms are available through area service providers, through the links below, or by calling (315) 789-0550 to request a referral packet.

For referral assistance and additional information contact Lakeview’s Children and Youth Outreach Advocate at (315) 789-0550.

C/Y SPOA Packet